Though it might be hard to believe, I have yet to sample a single volume of Jim Butcher's popular Dresden Files series. Oh, I came close a number of times, but I somehow never got around to actually begin reading that sequence.
When the ARC for Backup, a novelette set in the Dresden Files series, showed up unexpectedly in my mailbox, I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to discover Jim Butcher and get a glimpse of the book cycle which made the author famous.

Backup will be published by Subterranean Press in October, and the novelette will be illustrated by comic legend Mike Mignola. Paced perfectly, it reads like a thriller, and most fans should reach its end in one sitting.

Thomas Raith, Harry Dresden's brother, is notified that something pertaining to the Oblivion War requires his immediate attention. Soon, he discovers that Harry is in danger, and it's up to him to locate him and handle a number of difficulties without his brother being the wiser.

I enjoyed Butcher's style and tone, which reminded me of Mike Carey's The Devil You Know. So much so that I've decided to finally give the Dresden Files a shot! Man, as if I needed more stuff to read. . .

The final verdict: 7.5/10

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Anonymous said...

I found the whole Dresden series totally underwhelming. It lives up to the word "series", i.e. the same book, written over and over, only the character's names have been changed. So the first book is good, the 2nd okay, hmmm, the 3rd sounds just like the first, etc.

However, I did like his brother and wanted to know more about him. So maybe I'll give this book a shot.

Anonymous said...

I read The Dresden Files first, so my first thoughts on The Devil You Know was that this was what the Dresden files would be like if set in London instead of Chicago.

Rob said...

I was rather underwhelmed by Susanna's Clarke's book as well. I ground through it over the course of a full vacation...and made it through, but not sure it was worth the effort in retrospect. Definitely leave it in a hostel at some point.

RobB said...

Susanna Clarke?!?!

I love The Dresden Files, at least through book 4. It started strong and the series does get better, if somewhat melancholic.

I'm waiting to get through more of the novels before I dive into my ARC of this nifty volume.

Anonymous said...

maybe I'm the only person on this planet but I cannot stomach Butcher's writing. His Harry is a wimp and whiner and pretty much written for the female readership. The most annoying point however is that Butcher cannot create any suspense because of his freaking witty remarks he puts everywhere you do not want to listen and explains the obvious.

7,5 eh?

Anonymous said...

I really like the Dresden files novels. They are a quick, light read that (up to book 8 so far) hasn't disappointed or bored me.

The TV show, well...that was another matter entirely.

If anyone cares I blogged about the novels in Dec 2007 and the TV show in Jan 2008 (click my name to go to my blog).

GunMetalBlue said...

The Dresden Files are my new IT books. I've been devouring them for a while now, and I am nearing the newly released Small Favor, probably by July.

They start of good, but they get better with each successive volume, so much so that by the 3rd book I had a hell of a time putting them down. They are such great books.

Oh, but having read Backup has blown a big plot point for you though, as you don't find out Thomas is Harry's brother until either the 5th or 6th book, but he is introduced in the third volume.

Anyways, enjoy!

MentatJack said...

I devoured the first 2 books and at some point look forward to enjoying the rest of the series. I've been following Subterranean press releases for the past couple months and this book in particular has intrigued me.

ediFanoB said...

I read 150 pages of STORM FRONT so far and I really like the character Harry Dresden. As been toold by user readers it's an easy read.

I will definitely read the rest of the series.

James said...

congratulations Pat,you finally discovered the Dresden Files! IMHO they're some of the best non-epic fantasy being written. I haven't tried out The Devil You Know yet, but its on my wish list.