Eastern European Adventure

Hey guys,

The details have been finalized, so here is the tentative itinerary. Tentative because any backpacking trip relies as much on what is planned than on everything that just sort of happens. Hence, though I mean to do what follows, on those dates, I might meet a couple of cool Aussies in Warsaw, and we'll end up in Berlin or Prague for all I know.

Still, this is what I mean to do, more or less. Feel free to let me know of any cool bars/restaurants/clubs or unusual places to visit in each spot, or little side-trips that few tourists know about but which are worthwhile. If you live in those areas and you'd like to meet for a beer or three, do get in contact with me. But please don't feel bad if we don't hook up. Backpacking is about living the moment, and any long-term thing just doesn't agree with such a trip. In any case, if we can swing it, I'll be happy to meet you guys!;-)

June 14th: Flight to Warsaw via NYC and Helsinki
June 15th: Arrival in Warsaw, Poland
June 16th and 17th: Warsaw
June 18th: Transit to Gdansk, Poland
June 19th and 20th: Gdansk
June 21st: Transit to Wroclaw, Poland
June 22nd and 23rd: Wroclaw
June 24th: Transit to Krakow, Poland
June 25th to 28th: Krakow
June 29th: Transit to Warsaw
June 30th: Flight to Helsinki, Finland

July 1st and 2nd: Helsinki
July 3rd: Transit to Tampere, Finland
July 4th: Tampere
July 5th: Transit to Tallinn, Estonia
July 6th and 7th: Tallinn
July 8th: Transit to Riga, Latvia
July 9th to 12th: Riga
July 13th: Transit to Vilnius, Lithuania
July 14th to 16th: Vilnius
July 17th: Flight back to Montreal via Helsinki and London

I'm using most cities as a home base to check out nearby sites and attractions. . . And I'll see the final rounds of the Euro 2008 in Europe, which is as it should be.

Can't wait!!!:-)

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Anonymous said...

How nice of you to publish your itenerary--now I can live the trip vicariously!

Hope you have a great trip and there's plenty of petrol...

Anonymous said...

I guess we won't be seeing you in London then.

Have a great trip.

Tony said...

Wow! Sounds like an awesome trip.

Where do you work that you can take a month off to travel, or maybe you are still in school?

Either way have a great time.

Aidan Moher said...

Looks like I a great trip, Pat! You'll have a blast.

I'm heading back over the pond this september and will be spending a couple of months in the same part of the world. You should leave a note scrawled on some famous landmark: "Pat's Fantasy Hotlist for Life!" or something like that.

A Dribble of Ink

Gabriele Campbell said...

Have fun.

And tell us how Tallinn and Riga turn out; they're on my list for next year.

Helsinki is a charming town, and if the weather's going to play nice, you should be able to enjoy the 'white nights' outside some pub. Cheers is kippis, btw. :)

Anonymous said...

I wrote a comment yesterday but it seems to have been lost somehow :(

So let me try again.

The temperature in Warsaw dropped from about 30 yesterday to little over 20 today. There’s a nice cool wind and some clouds. Such temperature is much better for sightseeing – especially in the cities. Unfortunately (for you, we are waiting for it) it can rain anytime now.
The heat wave is supposed to be back by the end of next week – just in time to make your visit in the south really hot :P.

In Warsaw – you can go to all the most popular tourist sites by bus 180 (From Wilanów through Old City to Powązki Cemetery). But the Old City is reconstruction after Germans demolished it after Warsaw Uprising. To see the real old Warsaw go to Praga district – the Old Praga the Ząbkowska, Targowa and Brzeska Streets.
You can also go and see the Bródno cemetery, it’s biggest Warsaw’s (and Europe’s) necropolis, old and full of blooming roses now. With all the trees and flowers is almost like a park. It’s also surrounded from back gate (Odrowąża/Budowlana) by the typical 70-ties socialist block of flats – each big and wavy – like several buildings connected together – such districts were built at the outskirts of Warsaw and other Polish cities. Ursynów is Warsaw most famous but Bródno also makes an impression. The contrast with cemetery is eerie.
You can also go and see the last moments of Europe Bazaar on 10th-Anniversary Stadium – the biggest black market in Europe – to be finally closed this year because of the stadium being redone for Euro 2012.
There’s much more but no one can see everything and you are probably already bored :)

When in Gdańsk go to Hel :P

When in Wrocław you can try to go to the Table Mountains – they are so eerie they stared in several fantasy movies – Prince Kaspian most recently.

Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey! why not Stockholm? You'll really miss out on a beautifull city.