Another good one

Hi guys!

I know this is a bit out of sort, but I've found another good and affordable wine. So if you're looking for something that won't require you to break the bank, this one's for you!;-)

My first pick a few weeks back was the Duca Di Castelmonte Cent'are Nero D'avola 2003. This one pleased everyone who tasted it during a big dinner we held last month.

My second pick is the J. P. Chenet Merlot-Cabernet 2004 (Premier de Cuvée). You can't miss it, as it comes in a funny-looking bottle. I'm definitely buying this one again! We had fondue on Saturday night with a group of friends, and this wine went down too easily!

I'm aware that most people who stop by are looking for recommendations pertaining to fantasy/scifi/speculative fiction novels. But one day, when you're on a date with that gorgeous girl and you're looking for a fine wine that won't make you go broke and will make you look as though you know what you're doing, perhaps you'll thank me!;-) And most girls I know prefer wine to any other type of booze, so everyone's winner here!


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Race said...

SF readers don't get dates with girls!


thanks for the rec's