Donating books

This isn't exactly breaking news: Books are expensive.

Which is why I make it a point to donate what books I have and no longer want. As a reviewer, I now receive a panoply of novels all the time. More often than not, the packages that come my way are review copies I requested. Still, I frequently receive books that I never asked for, or books that, for a variety of reasons, I elect not to read. And those add up.

To remedy that, last year I started donating books to my local libraries. That way, countless people can take advantage of the stories they contain, and I feel that this is as it should be. In the last year or so, I must have donated close to a hundred books. And since a majority of those were either fantasy/scifi/speculative fiction books, my donations are even more important, since the libraries here don't stock that much material in those genres. Especially not in English.

I encourage you to do the same.:-) By acting thus, we are ensuring that people who can't necessarily afford them get the opportunity to discover new authors and their works.

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Meljprincess said...

I donate books to the library and Goodwill/Salvation Army.
Pat, if you want to share a few books I'd be more than happy to take them. I'll read them and pass them along. I'd love some fantasy. :-)