THE BLOOD DEBT contest winners!

The names of our winners have been drawn. Those three lucky people can expect to receive a copy of Sean Williams' The Blood Debt delivered right to their mailbox in the next couple of weeks.:-) Congrats! Many thanks to Pyr for their support.

Here are the winners:

Jason Farrell, fromMulberry, Florida, USA (Silvercream on

Benjamin Sparrow, from Coralville, Iowa, USA

Josh Williams, from Fairfield, Ohio, USA (Ser Mosh on

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Hm, do you draw the winners by region?

Blood Debt -> all winners from the USA (3)
Danielewski -> Europe (Norway & UK)
Scalzi -> 2 Canada
Spirit Gate -> 2 USA, 1 Canada
Wintersmith -> Europe (Slovenia, 2 Norway, UK, Germany)
Spellbinder -> 3 USA
Ice Dragon -> USA, Canada
Fragile Things -> USA (ok, only one winner anyway)
Crooked Letter -> 2 USA
Crossover -> 2 USA

I'm not complaining, only curious ;)

Patrick said...

It's totally random.

Don't worry, Germany's time will come!!!;-) And you've won already, if I'm not mistaken!

Anonymous said...

Yep, I won "This Forsaken Earth"
But I thought it is a funny coincidence, that the winners are almost never "mixed" ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I actually won something! I have The Crooked Letter in my To Be Read pile (Which is becoming enormous) so I guess I will move it to the top.

Thanks much for the book :)