The Joe Abercrombie contest winners!

Hi there!

The names of our two winners have been drawn, and each will now receive a copy of Joe Abercrombie's debut, The Blade Itself. Joe told me that he would try to get you guys signed copies. Many thanks to Gollancz Books for their support.

I'm almost done with this novel myself, so expect my review soon.

The winners are:

Alexis Bormans, from Massy, France (Publivore on

Sarah Lee, from Dublin, Ireland

Thanks to all the participants!:-)

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

I haven't written in English for many years, but I have thought it could be the moment to do it again ! ;-)

So thank you Pat for these numerous contests - and this one in particular :-P - and the passionate bills of your blog about Fantasy !

Best wishes and long live to your hotlist,

Anonymous said...

I have forgotten : thanks to Mr Abercrombie and Gollancz Books too !