'Tis the Season

Hey there!

Well, December is just around the corner and thankfully we have yet to receive any snow over here. That will soon change, of course. There's no helping it.

Now that Larry (Dylanfanatic) has announced that the time has come for the OF Awards on wotmania.com (I have two nominations this year. Crazy, I know!), I thought it was time to reveal the different categories of my very own Year-End Awards. I had fun doing it last year, so I've been thinking about this for over a month now.

There are more categories this year, and more might be added if inspiration strikes me. Here they are:

- My Top 10 of 2006
- Most Promising New Voice
- Most Hyped Book
- Most Ambitious Project
- A Jewel in the Rough Award
- Greatest Comeback
- Unexpected Surprise
- Most Accessible Author
- The Sky's the Limit
- Most Entertaining Read
- Most Underrated Work
- Most Overrated Work
- Most Disappointing Book/Series
- Best-Kept Secret
- Rookie of the Year Award: Best Debut
- "I'd rather be at the dentist" Award: Worst Book of the Year
- Interview of the Year
- "Best thing since sliced bread" Award
- The Beastie Boys "I'll kick you out of my home if you don't cut that hair" Award
- The K-Fed Award: Dumbass of the Year
- Best Book I've read this Year:
- Best Fantasy Message Board
- The Lois McMaster Bujold "This one will win an award or three" Award
- Quote of the Year

As you can see, there are quite a few categories. As always, not everyone will agree with my choices. But it wouldn't be fun otherwise, right!?! Feel free to suggest additional categories, if the mood strikes you.:-) The Fantasy Hotlist Awards shall be unveiled during the last week of December. So stay tuned!

3 commentaires:

RobB said...

Damn Pat, sounds like you'll have an award for every book you've read this year! ;)

Ed S. said...

Some more suggestions:

I Thought You Were Dead Award. Long time author not heard from in a long time makes a comeback.

Doorstopper. The heaviest page count of any book seen.

Deja Vu award. Haven't I seen this plot before? Many many times......

Best dust jacket or cover art.

The I'm Sorry Award. Best book highly recommended by others that I just couldn't finish.

Unknown said...

Nice idea, but the writing sucks Award.

I second the Deja Vu Award :)