Finally, I have found the time to rent Serenity. You know what they say: Better late than never!;-)

I wanted to go see this movie when it was still playing on the silver screen, what with all that buzz surrounding it. Though my expectations were kind of high, I was nevertheless pleasantly surprised. After so many mediocre science fiction movies in the last few years, it's nice to see that some people still get it. With a very modest budget but a good story, these people have created a fun and entertaining scifi adventure. If Hollywood only understood that special effects and huge budgets cannot replace a great story. . .

Anyway, I enjoyed Serenity a lot. So much so that I'll certainly try to get my hands on the Firefly DVDs. Hopefully I can find a place to rent them.

Here's to hoping that the powers that be in the cinema industry are paying attention and that we'll have the pleasure of seeing more movies like this hit the theatres in the next few years. Needless to say, I'm not holding my breath!

If anyone from the cast and crew is reading this, congrats on a terrific job!:-)

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Anonymous said...

Serenity was absolutely gorgeous! It gets even better when you watch the Firefly episodes. My advise is: BUY them. That's the only thing the producing companies understand, money. Even though the film didn't do that good in the box office, decent DVD sales might help Whedon to persuade them for a telefilm as a follow up.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it because of DVD sales and the fans, that the film got made in the first place?

Whedon has said before that he wasn't going back to that franchise after the film. And yes, the Series is excellent and I can't believe that it didn't get a big enough following to stay aired.

Sarah said...

I think Firefly is even better. I am so obsessed with it all. And I didn't even watch them until this spring. Serenity was better than George Lucas' recent Star Wars movies, which proves that plot still counts in the era of special effects.

Reel Fanatic said...

Serenity definitely rocks, and so does Firefly .. I wish Joss would stop wasting his time with Wonder Woman and get back to TV, but he's probably so scarred from the Firefly experience that it will be a long, long time

Stewart Sternberg said...

I will agree with Sarah. While Serenity was a worthwhile endeavor, Firefly was an astonishing well made show. I can't believe the forces that be were unwilling to give it a proper chance to catch on.

The one thing I think the tv show had that the film doesn't is a sense of humor and a snarky edginess.