Artwork for the Subpress limited edition for Novik's HIS MAJESTY'S DRAGON

Here's the first sample of the artwork featured in the limited edition of Naomi Novik's debut, which will be released later this winter by Subterranean Press. You can order the book from

Here's what Novik had to say about it:

I keep getting so incredibly lucky in all the artists who have worked on Temeraire, both pro and fan artists. Anke’s work is such a completely different and beautiful style, something that for me evokes the antique illustrated books we had at home when I was young, all heavy textured paper and rich watercolors, and this feel of glimpses through a window into moments of the narrative, particular scenes brought to life. It was really amazing to discover her through her work in the Temeraire wiki, and her work for the books is even more spectacular.

And yes, there will be a copy of this collector's item up for grabs on the Hotlist later this fall!;-)

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Robert said...

That is stunning...

Is there a website for the artist? I'd love to check out more stuff!