An interview with Yours Truly!;-)

A few days ago, I received an email from Scott from He wanted to know if I'd be willing to be interviewed, with questions ranging from my love of fantasy to the evolution of this little blog of mine. I said yes, of course! And the full Q&A can now be found here.

We discussed a variety of topics, including my writing endeavors, as well as how the Hotlist saw the light and became what it is today -- two subjects many of you appear to be interested in, at least judging by the number of emails I receive pertaining to all this!;-) Add to that Playboy parties, midget sex clips, absinthe, and more, and you have something that hopefully won't put anyone to sleep!:p

Remember to go easy on me, guys. This is my first interview, after all!

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Anonymous said...

great interview pat!

you really took the time to answer all questions thoroughly!

where's your friend's political blog at?

Anonymous said...

a bit winded, but very nice ! Can't wait for your book. Good luck.

Sarah said...

That's funny... I think I have been reading your site since the Robin Hobb interview. It doesn't seem like that long ago!

Re: getting into fantasy, my boyfriend is the same age as you and sure enough, he has an entire bookcase full of Dragonlance, whereas I seemed to have missed it and skipped straight to Robert Jordan and Tad Williams. Funny.

einroy said...

Re: sarah and interview. Pat and I are also nearly the same age. And like him and your boyfriend I went the Weis & Hickman route early in my fantasy reading. Tolkien was first then Dragonlance then on to Eddings and later Jordan, Martin, .. etc. Oddly enough I never read some of the other well knowns such as Brooks which I'm trying to rectify by listening to the first Shannara series in my car on audiobook.

Thnaks again to Patrick for doing the interview lots of good topics to discuss. (I'll let you know when Google Analytics shows the first hit on midget sex tapes :) )

David Forbes said...

Nice interview, Patrick! I feel like teasing you a little by quoting Karsa Orlong favorite line, "Too many words." But you certainly were thorough with your answers! :-)

Again, very nice.


Dave said...

Good interview, Pat. BTW- correct the first url. It should be

Patrick said...

Well, I figured that if someone went through the trouble to come up with some questions, the least I could do was answer them properly. Also, as an interviewer, there's nothing I hate more than interviewing someone who doesn't give me anything...

Sarah: You're a lightweight! You can't call yourself a "true" fantasy fan if you haven't plowed through some crappy FR or Dragonlance books!:p

Scott: My pleasure!;-)

David: Next time you're interviewed, this is how it's done!:p Karsa would probably have cleaved me in two by the second paragraph of the first question...

Dave: Thanks for the "heads up!"

Chris, The Book Swede said...

This was a really interesting interview, and I'm very grateful to you -- after all, reading what you had to go through to get review blogs noticed in the first place, I do have it easy :D

You also have a lot of projects up in the air! Wow! Good luck to you on all of them, and I'm very much looking forward to the day when a publisher does accept your book :)

The Book Swede

Anonymous said...

Really interesting interview Pat! Considering it was your first interview, you did remarkably well not to come across badly like David Bilsborough has done recently!

Seems I got into fantasy the same way as you, via Fighting Fantasy books. I actually own a complete collection of the original books - all 59 of them, plus the novels and the Sorcery subseries. The whole collection is worth around $400... You might be interested to know that a UK-based publisher now owns the rights to the Fighting Fantasy series and has relaunched many of the original books with snazzy new artwork. Plus they've released two completely new books, one of which was written by Ian Livingstone himself. Check them out at:

Also, I find it interesting to see that you mention that publishers/editors are not really looking for epic fantasy manuscripts right now. Aidan Moher said exactly the same thing over at his blog. If this is true, why do you think it is the case? I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. As an aspiring writer myself, it doesn't exactly make me feel optimistic! ;)

On a final note, are you sure you're not superman? You work full time, have a social life, maintain a successful blog, read loads of books and STILL have time to work on writing projects? Maybe you just don't bother sleeping! :)

Anyways, best of luck and keep up the good work with the blog, it's always one of my first stops for a brain-free internet session!