Top 10 tips for plagiarists

Thanks to MinDonner who runs the excellent for posting this on Westeros:

Self-published author puts out carbon copy of Gemmell's Dark Prince, claiming firstly that she spent two years slaving over it, then saying her "ghost-writer" did it and she didn't know, then starts shouting about legal retribution and Wiccan tenfold punishments on all teh internets...

Check it out here.

Hmmm, I think I have to call Matt to let him know that he was right after all, and that we might want to reconsider naming my three main characters Rand, Mat and Perrin. . . And that braid-tugging girl will probably have to go. . . Damn, more rewrites ahead!:p

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Anonymous said...

It's a shame that someone would ripoff Gemmell, but here's a link that shows it was most likely her Ghostwriter and not her who ripped the material off:

Here is a link to some of her actual writing. It's not that good tbh:

Dave Bessom said...

I'm going prematurely grey. Does this mean I can rip off Stephen King?

Unknown said...

The personal tribulations she gives to elicit sympathy(whether true or not who am I to question? Although I feel completely beside the point to the subject matter of plagiarism as any court would agree) reminds me of a fairly average movie I saw recently:
The Night Listener (2006) with Robin Williams and Toni Collette