This is what happens when an author takes too long to write the next volume in a series!;-)

George R. R. Martin should take note of this strange phenomenon!

Obviously driven mad by the wait for A Dance with Dragons, GRRM fans at Westeros are having an official NHAW week (which, I believe, stand for Naked Hat Avatar Week). Check it out here!

And people say there's nothing good on the internet!:p

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Chris, The Book Swede said...

LOL, just taken part...! :D

The Book Swede

Anonymous said...

If he asks "Who started it?", the answer is "The guy you were in the hot tub with at Worldcon in LA"

Anonymous said...

Kevin J Anderson took a sly swipe at authors like GRRM who take so long to write their novels at a recent book tour in Melbourne, Australia. 'Twas rather amusing but oh so true.

I think he's just playing with his toy soldiers too often.

Adam Whitehead said...

At a convention one time, Kevin J. Anderson came out of a reading for Hunters of Dune where only 12 people had turned up. GRRM was up next and there were 80+ people lined up waiting for a reading from ADWD. KJA made some comment about how he could attract the same numbers and a random voice floated above the crowd, "Write a decent book."

Possibly apocryphal (I wasn't there), but oh so true.