J. V. Jones contest winners!

The names of our winners have been drawn. Each will receive a brand new copy of J. V. Jones' latest, A Sword from Red Ice, complimets of Tor Books and Orbit.

The winners are:

- Matt Westphal1, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

- Charles Jackson, from Kanata, Ontario, Canada

- Kim Clemens, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

- Michal Jakuszewski, from Podrzeczna, Poland (Bastard of Godsgrace on asoiaf.westeros.org)

- Kim Olofsson Norrgård, from Tormestorp, Sweden

- Sini Neuvonen, from Helsinki, Finland

Thanks to all the participants!

11 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

awesome, thanks!! I can't wait to read it! =D

Anonymous said...

Wow! I won for the second time! Thank you, Pat. Keep the coming!

Michal Jakuszewski

Anonymous said...

Um, it was supposed to be "keep them coming". I am lousy typist:(

Michal Jakuszewski

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting/weird that Amazon.com does not list this book anywhere and Amazon.ca lists that it will be available in 2012, while it is in stock at Barnes&Noble online. Even doing an ISBN search on amazon gets 0 results.

Sini said...

Thank you Pat! Hope there is a good summary of the former events, because I've pretty much forgotten what's happened before...

Sini from Risingshadow.net

Anonymous said...

I was going to complain about the fact that i cannot pre-order this book either but I see someone has already. I'm doing it anyway because it's disgraceful on the part of her publisher.

Anonymous said...

y'know, i just found the link for pre-orders, You have to go through the TOR website and there are links to various online merchants. joan, amazon has it at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0765306344


Anonymous said...

The book's taken a long time to come out and from various publication dates I've seen over the past few years for it, I think it's been postponed a few times.

Good sleuthing, Tom, and thanks for posting the Amazon link!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, thanks Pat :) Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

Wow ... what a nice surprise! Thanks very much, Patrick. Great site, by the way!


Anonymous said...

Thanks tomraker - it's in my shopping cart!