Symposium on Epic Fantasy

Thanks to Ran for the "heads up!"

This from Daniel Abraham's website:

I slightly under a week, I’ll be driving to Santa Fe for what I’ve been calling The Symposium. A few of us in the local writing scene (the whole local writing scene is *way* too big to fit into a house, much less have a decent single conversation) are going to get together to talk about what the strengths and weaknesses of epic fantasy are, what reader expectations are in picking up an epic fantasy book (or series), and how meet, exceed, or defeat those expectations.

The guest list right now includes George RR Martin, S. M. Stirling, Walter Jon Williams, Melinda Snodgrass and a couple other folks who I’m not sure want their names publicized so I’m not going to mention them just yet.

The thing is, I’ve just finished my big fantasy project. The Long Price Quartet, though only half in print at this point, is done for me apart from the corrections and editing. I’ve learned a lot from writing them — mostly I have a better idea how you write a novel. But now that it’s time to try pitching Tor a new project, I find myself wondering how to better structure something that complies witth he structures and expectations of epic fantasy, satisfies the reader, and still does something fresh and new and fun for me as a writer.

As it happens, I’m in the middle of a bunch of the best minds in the field, so I thought I should ask.

Next Friday, I’ll find out.

If any of y’all have questions that you think it would be useful to chew over in that company, I take suggestions.

Hence, if anyone has questions they would like to submit, click on this link.

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