ASOIAF 2009 Calendar contest winners!

Thanks to the Dabel Brothers, our three winners will each get their hands on a limited edition copy of the upcoming A Song of Ice and Fire 2009 Calendar, autographed by George R. R. Martin himself. How cool is that!?!

Please note that you can now pre-order the "regular" edition of the ASOIAF calendar here.

The winners are:

- Karin Gorham, from Kingston, Ontario, Canada

- Holli Thompson, from Franklin, North Carolina, USA

- Chris Reich, from Oak Lawn, Illinois, USA

Thanks to all the participants!

4 commentaires:

Wendy said...

Congratulations, people!

Anonymous said...

Damn! You're so lucky for having won this! I envy you!!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice looking piece of artwork.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I won this. Thanks so much!