NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (week 8)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 9
Dallas Cowboys: 13

New York Giants: 21
Pittsburgh Steelers: 14

Well, it was ugly, but Dallas won. Still, the Giants are two games ahead, so things are not going well at the moment. . .

5 commentaires:

Neth said...

Pat, as a fellow Dallas fan, I have to conclude that if you loose this bet again this year superstition demands that you never bet GRRM again.

Anonymous said...

Pat, look at it this way. Even if our beloved Cowboys come up short this year, you know GRRM will give you some great books to review.

Have faith tho, our Cowboys will come through in the end!

Go Cowboys!!!

Unknown said...

Ken from VANCOUVER said...

"...Our Cowboys..."

*head explodes*
Why? Damn it, why?
Its bad enough they go around calling themselves "America's Team." Did they claim Canada, too?
Worst team ever. No class.

Go Skins!

Patrick said...

Hmmm, I was lucky for the first two books, but I totally couldn't get into Jack Vance. The review is proving to be hard to write...

Here's to hoping that the Cowboys will pull through in the second half of the season!

Gary said...

A shame that someone with such good taste in fiction should have such bad taste in football teams :p
Go 'Skins!