NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 5)

Seattle Seahawks: 6
New York Giants: 44

Cincinnati Bengals: 22
Dallas Cowboys: 31

Well, the NFC East is without the shadow of a doubt the most competitive division in the NFL. The Giants wiped their butts with Seattle today, and the Cowboys defeated the Bengals to remain a game behind. But the Redskins were victorious against another divisional opponent, which means that they are tied with Dallas for second place.

Will I die a terrible death in the next ASOIAF volume? This one may go down to the wire!

This season is shaping up to be one of the most interesting and exciting in a long, long time!:-)

6 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity Pat, how exactly did you become a Cowboys fan?

Anonymous said...

Its not a tie, Redskins are in 2nd because the whooping on Dallas last week.

Anonymous said...

At the rate he's going you'll have to do this for the 09/10 season and you can still make it into A Dance with Dragons.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Skins are in 2nd and will remain there until they beat the Giants and take first.
Go Skins!

-Shane (didnt feel like logging in)

Patrick said...

Early 90s, when they went from 1-15, and Jones took over. In came Troy and Emmit and the rest of the gang, and a year later they won the Super Bowl! 3 in 4 years!

It was just a great success story!

Oh, and got to love the cheerleaders!:p

Anonymous said...

Such a shame you had to be a cowpokes fan. Man was I happy when the 'Skins whipped the Romosexual and T.O. (Total Ox-moron) in their house for the last time! Then we whooped McNobody and his pansy a$$ in Philly!

The Zorn Identity trying to become the Zorn Supremacy!