Vilnius, Lithuania (July 2008)

Just remembered that I never did post a link to the pics of the final destination in my Eastern European adventures!

There are girls in this album as well, though not like the ones from Jurmala. Don't know if people will find some fault in that, but what the heck!?!

Hopefully these albums will have given a little taste of what Poland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania have to offer. Each country deserves more attention than it's receiving.:-)

3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

I like this picture. It's hard to tell if they are actors/models or statues.

Scott Marlowe said...

That's kind of freaky, but cool at the same time.

Juhan said...

It's a bit sad that I started following this blog after you had visited both of my countries (I'm part Estonian, part Lithuanian) Anyways, keep on rockin', Pat!