NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 6)

Dallas Cowboys: 24
Arizona Cardinals: 30

New York Giants: 14
Cleveland Browns: 35

Well, I don't believe things could get even tighter in the NFC East. With Washington, Dallas, and New York all humbled by lesser opponents this week, and with the Eagles winning against San Francisco, the division remains the most competitive in the NFL.

But with the loss of Romo for 4 weeks due to an injury, this could be the Cowboys' season right here. . .
Let's hope that veteran Brad Johnson can get the job done at the quaterback position. . .:/

2 commentaires:

Gary said...

There's still a whole round of inter-division games left, and mostly packed together in the last month of the season. Anything could happen, even if the Cowboys tank it for the next four weeks.
Go 'Skins!

Anonymous said...

i'm sure roy williams will help, your cause. your welcome from all us brownbag lions fans