A bit of humor

This photo was taken aboard a tour bus/van in Thailand.

"We kindly ask you not to fart in our van," the sign tells passengers.

Now, I'm well aware that Thailand doesn't necessarily attract the cream of the crop in terms of tourists. Fat and dirty old men going there for cheap sex, pseudo-hippies, and some of the most annoying backpackers there to live on a shoestring budget.

But to have a tour company feel the need to post such a sign in their buses means that Western tourists have reached an all-time low.

4 commentaires:

Dave said...

haha thats crazy i cant believe it was enough of a problem that they put up a sign


Love it.

bloggeratf said...

The possibility exists that it is just a joke?

Jebus said...

It's a bit rich coming from a country where half of the villages smell like open sewers... pretty much because there are open sewers everywhere. :-)

It's probably just the bus driver getting sick of smelling other people's farts.

Still, the beaches are (mostly) nice and the people lovely.