Win a copy of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's DRAGONS OF THE HOURGLASS MAGE

Thanks to the kind folks at Wizards of the Coast, I have five copies of Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's Dragons of the Hourglass Mage (Canada, USA, Europe) for you to win.

Here's the blurb:

In the concluding volume of this trilogy, the reader finds out what, exactly, Raistlin did after he abandoned the Companions to their deaths in the War of the Lance. Dragons of Spring Dawning shows Raistlin concluding a deal with the mysterious Fistandantilus, and the Legends trilogy shows what he did with that alliance, but until now there has been no explanation of what came between the War of the Lance and the Dwarfgate Wars. What power made Raistlin the Master of the Past and Present and allowed him into the Tower of High Sorcery - and a place in history as he pursued a place in the cosmos as a god.

The rules are the same as usual. You need to send an email at reviews@(no-spam) with the header "HOURGLASS." Remember to remove the "no spam" thingy.

Second, your email must contain your full mailing address (that's snail mail!), otherwise your message will be deleted.

Lastly, multiple entries will disqualify whoever sends them. And please include your screen name and the message boards that you frequent using it, if you do hang out on a particular MB.

Good luck to all the participants!

2 commentaires:

Dave said...

I read a couple Dragonlance books back in the day and wasn't very impressed ... they just read to much like a quest in a game for me.

Anonymous said...

The DragonLance Saga was what made me start reading books. They have always had small downsides but that is one of the reasons I love them so much. My eleven year old read the Harry Potter and Twilight series and liked it but when I gave her my very frist DL book she couldn't put it down and she called out a bunch of spelling errors. :-) but the story is what brought it home for me and for her. To this day I still think of Raistlan, Carmon, Tanis, and the rest of the crew on their adventures and I STILL want more with them, espically Raistlan!!!! I do hope that this book gets out and fets more DL written about the older characters and maybe we can see our "friends" again in a different light. Thanks and take care!