They're out!

Tor Books just contacted me regarding the last Glen Cook giveaway, and I just realized that both The Return of the Black Company (Canada, USA, Europe) and Steven Erikson's Bauchelain and Korbal Broach (USA, Europe) were officially released today!

And I haven't received the latest Black Company omnibus yet. . . What's up with that!?!

With the way The Books of the South (Canada, USA, Europe) ended, I'm pretty keen to learn what happens next!

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Unknown said...

I'm expecting to have my Bauchelain and Korbal Broach arrive any day now. Cant wait... well, yes I can, because I have been....BUT, I'm going to read that mofo like I was Johnny 5 when that thing shows up.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Erikson, does anyone know what's going on with the Canadian release of "Dust of Dreams"? All the booksellers had it as September 1st, but none of them have it in stock.

Marc said...

Some people don't like Murgen as the narrator of Bleak Seasons and She is the Darkness, but I think his role is important. Through him the reader gains perspective on Croaker and Lady, and realizes that those two may not have been totally candid all the time, Lady in particular.

She tells in Dreams of Steel of meeting Murgen after the siege of Dejagore was broken, but doesn't mention that she put a spell on him. We only learn that when Murgen relates the incident in Bleak Seasons.

Some readers find She is the Darkness boring, but they have failed to recognize that, in part, it is a love story, and an account of a slide into addiction.

I'll be curious to read reviews soon on various sites for The Return of the Black Company, since the original books are perhaps the least-liked of the series. But I still enjoy them ;-)

Anonymous said...

most of the time i really prefer the US or english covers, as today, because yes "return of the black company" has a nice cover too, but for the first time I will draw your attention toward the french edition: the deluxe edition, with graphics by didier Graffet, cover and inside, a very nice edition. Unfortunately to look at these illustrations you need to buy the books

Anonymous said...

hum hum, I discover some of the illustrations are at your disposal here

have a look !
Mormegilmarseille: france

Anonymous said...

I have the omnibus before the reviewer :O