NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (Week 3)

Carolina Panthers: 7
Dallas Cowboys: 21

New York Giants: 24
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 0

Well, if I want George R. R. Martin to base a character on me and kill him in gruesome and spectacular fashion in the next A Song of Ice and Fire installment, them Cowboys will have to play better. Such a sloppy first half. . . Christ, we almost lost to the lowly Panthers!!!

As things stand, it looks as though GRRM will get to select another three books for me to read and review. . . Damn him! Even the Jets are 3-0 to start the season!

2 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

It was a rough first half, but don't get too down just yet. They're starting to pull it together and are the best running team in the league. The Jets and Giants going undefeated so far is enough to make me want to give up on football this year.

Bryce L. said...

I think this is the first time I've ever rooted for the Cowboys. I really want to see Pat's character, but I've always loathed the Cowboys. :)

(This is actually Seak)