Musical Interlude

Ah, Pantera. . . One of my favorite bands during college.

When they stopped at the Auditorium de Verdun during the Far Beyond Driven tour, little did we know that we would witness the rowdiest crowd we ever saw at a live show. It was crazy, but what a show!

What better way to start your weekend than by listening to one of their best songs!?!

4 commentaires:

The Dude said...

Everytime that I forget why I like coming to this site, you put a post like this and remind me why all over again!

Pantera Rocks!

My favourite song from the album Cowboys from Hell is Primal Concrete Sludge

Marduk said...

RIP Dimebag

jeff_hotchkiss said...

Classic metal song! Thanks for posting that.

Erik Huntoon said...

Great post! I would recommend to any and all Pantera fans to pick up the Vulgar Videos DVD. I practically wore out the old VHS tapes back in the day. The DVD is all 3 of the old Vulgar Videos + some live footage from Moscow. Some friends and I already have planned "Dimebag Day" for early December to sit and watch the videos and toast the life and times of Dimebag Darrel.. RIP