NFL SHOWDOWN: GRRM vs Pat (week 2)

New York Giants: 33
Dallas Cowboys: 31

In a wild game where the Cowboys dominated but were plagued by turnovers, the Giants came up on top. Can't quite believe that Dallas was able to run the ball as though they were playing a CFL team! The Cowboys should have won that game, but the Giants took advantage of what opportunities they got and ran away with it.

That's football. . .

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Anonymous said...

You suck Pat! I understand the undeniable attraction to being killed off in a story like ASoIaF, but this is getting ridiculous. You're sending the Cowboys to their doom!

Of course maybe Romo's poor play now means a playoff win in december.

Steve MC said...

As much as I'd like to see you win the bet, I loved how that game ended.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that I'm happy I don't have a similar bet going. I got stuck all day yesterday watching the Giants and the Jets winning. I could have puked.

Anonymous said...
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tomas said...

I'm a New Yorker (well, i;ve been one for the past seven years or so0

I hate the Cowboys. But I honestly can't decide whether I hate the "New Jersey" Giants or Jets more.

Last year was perfect. The Giants one and done for the Playoffs, The Cowboys not making it, and the Jets wonderful flameout. If all three teams fail to make the playoffs this year I'll be so happy I can't describe it.

Rant over.

CJohnson said...

Aww why you gotta be like that, CFL might not be as high skill but it's a totally different game, with the field size and rules..

Rather, say "they ran it in like they were playing the Lions". That's pretty much as bad as you can get.

Ken from Langley, BC said...

Even tho it was a great game, it was painful to watch. Every damn bounce went the Giants way. The interception off the foot, the bobble on his back for a touchdown and the deflected pass for a first down in the final minute...

Just wasnt meant to be I guess...

I love my Cowboys but when the owner becomes bigger then the team I think we there is a problem. Should be interesting to see what Jerry Jones does in the next labour contract when there will be no salary cap.

Charlie said...

I'm terribly sorry to have to do this, believe me. I remember reading lots of interviews from other authors and even the statement on GRRM's own site and completely agreeing that it is ultimately a creative project and up to the author when their work is finished and ready for release, blah blah blah blah blah.

So I've given it away already before mentioning it, but honestly WTF is happening with the release date to aDwD it's now gone back to September 30th 2010 on Amazon UK. Now look I remember getting aFfC delivered on release day and reading it in all of about 3 days. I had started University the same month and travelled to London for the signing in Forbidden Planet. Since then I have finished a master's degree in Chemical Engineering. In the mean time I worked a part-time job during term times and full-time job outside of term times except for Christmas and the usual holidays. So what the hell is George R R Martin doing with his time?!?! IF he's never going to deliver this book, I'd rather know now than keep getting excited as the time until release whittles away, only to see that the date has been pushed back yet another flippity-floppity-flaming time.

I'm just so undeniably angry that I had to vent somewhere, and I do feel better now for having done so. I pledge however that if the date moves a single day back from September 30th 2010 I may have to start a new hobby of catching and torturing feral animals to deal with the stress.

Think of the squirrels George... Think


Feel much better now, for now, hehehe!

Charlie said...

And to top it off, I've just scrolled down the page a bit more and realised that Robert Jordan's next book is being released with less time since the last installment and he bloody died! RIP.

Blood and bloody ashes - just write the fricking thing! I don't even care at this point if it features Ronald McDonald as the long lost nephew of Eddard Stark and Colonel Sanders as a new PoV character that mentions fried chicken in every paragraph of dialogue.