Comic book fans strike back!

This from Comics Alliance:

They've faced down humans time and time again, but Fred Phelps and his minions from the Westboro Baptist Church were not ready for the cosplay action that awaited them today at Comic-Con. After all, who can win against a counter protest that includes robots, magical anime girls, Trekkies, Jedi and...kittens?

Unbeknownst to the dastardly fanatics of the Westboro Baptist Church, the good folks of San Diego's Comic-Con were prepared for their arrival with their own special brand of superhuman counter protesting chanting "WHAT DO WE WANT" "GAY SEX" "WHEN DO WE WANT IT" "NOW!" while brandishing ironic (and some sincere) signs. Simply stated: The eclectic assembly of nerdom's finest stood and delivered

Click on the link above for photos and more. =)

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Xenophon said...

Though I like the sentiment, but this is just adding fuel to a fire that could have burned out on its own.

Now that the Christian group has more attention, publicity, and opposition. What could have been a mostly ignored feeble attempt will gain supporters on both sides. And most likely escalate into a misguided crusade or violence and vandalism by both parties.

There are many other more relevant issues out there these people could be putting their time and effort into...

Anonymous said...

Have to totally disagree with Xenophon. This so-called Christian group has gotten plenty of prior attention and publicity. To mock them was pure perfection and will make people take them less seriously.

Anonymous said...

I guess they were present at the place anyway, so not really any loss of potential time for more relevant issues. And I think tolerance of militant idiocy is more dangerous than the harmless, public ridicule of it.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. I disagree with Xenophon. Phelps is a total nut job and a complete and absolute fundamentalist. People like that rarely fade into oblivion. They are usually way too determined about their beliefs to ever disappear. Might as well have fun with them while they are around.

Furthermore, his group (as far as I know) are very vocal but not violent (I could be wrong). I doubt the counter protest did anything but entertain and provide satire to Phelps ridiculous crusade.

Xenophon said...

Perhaps you are all right and this is just harmless fun.

I am a vet and have had to attend way too many funerals over the last decade to see fellow members of the 10th on their way.

Over the last few years these "Christian" protest groups have started making their presence known. Each time it gets worse and worse and this has started to get pretty ugly on both sides.

One of the most horrible, was when a young woman infiltrated the church and stood up in the middle of the eulogy and started ranting.

The enraged vets in attendance nearly beat her to death in their outrage and grief.

After that, those in attendance had slashed tires, vandalism, to homes and anonymous threats. It was wrong what happened, but these things have way of getting ugly fast. All it takes is on idiot to give that needed push...

Steve MC said...

Thanks for sharing that, Xenophon, and I'm very sorry you and your comrades and their families had to go through that.

In this particular situation, I'm sure ridicule worked far better than what I would've done, which is rent a snowplow.