Cover art for the limited edition of Joe Abercrombie's THE BLADE ITSELF

Here's the final version of the cover art for the Subterranean Press limited edition of Joe Abercrombie's debut, The Blade Itself. They went for one of the Alex Preuss pieces I posted a while back.

While I really like the illustration, I'm not too thrilled by the red font of the title. I feel it clashes with the background too much. But all in all, this is another gorgeous collector's item from the folks at Subterranean Press.

Check out the Subpress website if you want to pre-order your copy!

2 commentaires:

Brenda said...

I wasn't bothered by the red until you mentioned it, and then it's almost all I could see.

KMont said...

My immediate first reaction before even reading your thoughts was that the font itself was hideous, and the red as well. It's completely blocking out the potentially beautiful artwork behind it. I can't tell if it's beautiful art or not, the font won't shut up.