New Links

You may or may not have noticed that new links have begun to make an appearance in various posts.

Since I'm Canadian and couldn't become an Indiebound affiliate, I've decided to give it a go and became an AbeBook affiliate. Which means that if you don't want to shop on Amazon sites, you can now click on the AbeBooks links and have access to millions of titles from countless international independent booksellers.

Even better, The Book Depository (with its free shipping) is part of the AbeBooks program!

I'm beta testing these links for a while, as I'm conscious that they open up a world of possibilities to residents of countries outside of Canada, the USA, and the UK.

It's not Indiebound, but for a Canuck it's the next best thing I can do. . . =)

3 commentaires:

Larry Nolen said...

What's funny about this is that Amazon owns Abebooks. Sure, it's operated as a stand-alone with no direct references to Amazon products, but Amazon has a controlling interest now, it seems.

BStearns said...

Hmmm, all these choices! I'm an up and comer with this blog business, and I'd really like to know what's made you so successful at this! What is your secret? Is a certain divine presence on your side? ;)

But seriously, you do some great work here, and I always enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the awesome work!


Anonymous said...

The Book Depository seems to be the best choice price/quality based most of the time. However, even though they have free shipping, it doesn't make up for the higher unit cost compared to Amazon. Too bad.