NFL Showdown: GRRM vs Pat

It's official!

George R. R. Martin just killed a character based on me in A Dance With Dragons (Canada, USA, Europe) for my winning our football bet! =)

From GRRM's Not a Blog:

Pat's just died. A quick death, but a messy one. Ugly, painful, humiliating. But hey, he earned it.

And since GRRM mentioned working on Jon Snow's chapters, dare I hope that Jon's the one to do me in? That would be too awesome!!!

There's just one thing left to say: How 'bout them Cowboys!?! :P

7 commentaires:

Chris V said...

There are worse ways to die I guess. At least you didn't die anonymously.

Susan said...

Never thought I'd congratulate someone on dying, but dude, if ya gotta, you may as well have GRRM knock you off. Well done!

Anonymous said...

If you make George angry enough,maybe he'll bring your character back from the dead just to die AGAIN!!!


Anonymous said...

So that's why it's taking him so long to finish!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - it will be rewritten a few times before its get published.


Todd said...

I look forward to reading all the gory details of your demise! (In a good way)

Aaron said...

If you want to read it, you might want to contact your local cryogenics human storage facility. That way they can thaw you out in about fifty years when the book is released.