The BwB rules!

Last year, with the Worldcon held in Montréal, I supplied books from my own collection for the Brotherhood without Banners' (the cool folks on GRRM's message board of Westeros) charity raffle. The organizers of the BwB party select a local charity to support and then raise funds prior and during the party.

Anyway, I was asked if I could pitch in once again this year, even though the Worldcon was held in Melbourne, Australia. The money would go to the Children's literacy charity. So of course I said yes! And I just learned that the BwB raised an amazing 1144$!!!! Kudos to everyone involved for a job well-done, even though I hear there was a major fuck-up that threatened to send the party down the crapper. . .

I don't have much merit, as I was just the middleman, but I want to send out thanks to those who agreed to ship prizes to Oz for the charity raffle: Justin at Tor Books, Chloe at Pan Macmillan, and Bill at Subterranean Press.

Special thanks also go out to Guy Gavriel Kay, Peter V. Brett, Patrick Rothfuss, and George R. R. Martin for their generosity.

Can't believe they actually managed to raise 1144$! And that's without the benefit of having Chataya in her catwoman costume! ;-) So congrats, guys, for all the hard work you put in once again. Too bad I missed the party!

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JG said...

Speaking of GGRM, this article about the reason for possible delays was pretty interesting

Jebus said...

Hey Pat - I was at that party and those raffle tickets were only sold in the one day, I didn't win (grrrr) but it was fun yelling drunkenly at GRRM and PVB whilst they drew the winners.

As to that article, I've read some of Speakman's "articles" on the net and my main impression of him is he's a complete and utter wanker, so quoting him was the writer's first mistake.

Anyway, GRRM will figure it out and we'll no doubt have a brilliant book to read and then all the fucktards on the internet can start bitching about how he's slow in writing the next one.

I'm not an utterly drooling fan boy but now that I've met the man I am more than happy to let him do what he does and leave it at that.

Elfy said...

I didn't make the Revel at the Red Keep (some crap about a cover charge over at Crown), but I did get to meet George at a kaffeeklatsch and he was what we call down here a really top bloke.
I agree with Jebus about Speakman as well.