Musical Interlude

For some reason, this hauntingly beautiful song will always remind me of my Southeast Asian adventure. It kept showing up in the shuffle of my iPod during those bus rides in Thailand and beyond.

Though I can't understand a single word she says, the singer's voice mesmerizes me. . .

By the way, this is the end credit song for Hayao Miyazaki's Oscar-winning Spirited Away(Canada, USA, Europe).

2 commentaires:

Stinky93 said...

Spirited Away is a movie I'll never understand. It just strikes me as a role playing game done up in cartoon form, where the main character has to perform certain tasks to move forward. How this movie is so popular is beyond me.

Tom Tvilsom said...

Well stinky, I`m guessing there are many other things that is beyond you..
watch it again in a couple of years