McDonald's latest French ad campaign

McDonald's latest "Come as you are" ad campaign continues to irk people around France. Especially the Astérix one, which makes people feel as though Astérix and the rest of his village sell out France to the USA.

But since French people take to the streets for a panoply of ridiculous reasons day in and day out (if you have ever been to France at a time where not a single strike was occurring, you are extremely lucky!), I find that a lot of them appear to be overreacting. I love France -- well mostly -- but come on. . .

Marketing-wise, this newest ad campaign is actually pretty damn good! Yes, I doubt that Obélix will enjoy a Big Mac as much as a boar, but what the heck!?!

Lighten up, folks!

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Rob Kuntz said...

Clever or not, I hope that the importation of this mediocrity fails, for all left in the world who have taste.

Anonymous said...

Not a fan then?


Emmanuel said...

Salut Pat,

Dix idées reçues sur la France, n°3 :

Ou ici :

Voilà, faut pas exagérer, dans un sens ou dans l'autre. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Every conuntry has it's fringe of extremist and in in that case it seems more good natured rebellion than real anymosity.

It's quite a wide stretch comparing it with our strike culture that plague us in a day to day basis for sure.

But here you you hit two sore points of french culture: the right not to agree with themselves, and the right to think that we are an

Aside frome that there was a life before marketing when culture was...well culture.

Thanks for your blog and sweet/sour comments ;)

Blend said...

Ugh, these commercials are a stain on Asterix, Cinderella and the Scream Guy's names/personas. McMurder is evil.