Optimus Prime vs Jesus Christ

Someone just sent me a link for this. The original image was posted on Blastr.com, I believe.

Understandably, some people do not see the humor in this. . . It's probably the hippy and the walk n' talk cracks that did it.

I wonder if some crackpots will now threaten to burn Transformers. . . :/

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Matt said...

Meh, that's pretty tasteless. Besides, it isn't all that clever anyway.

The burning comment isn't so fair either really. That's one fanatic. Christians tend to put up with a hell of a lot more crap silently than other religions.

I don't find any of it seriously offensive personally, but I think it does crosses the line into offensiveness.

Love the blog btw. Have it bookmarked and check it almost daily.

Blodeuedd said...

Hihi, bf is gonna love this one .)

machinery said...

12 ressurections, huh ?
i wonder if the jews got the blame for any of them as well.

Anonymous said...

Lets all crucify Michael Bay instead.

Anonymous said...

I would totally score that differently.

Jesus is eternal according to John 1.

Jesus is both fully divine and fully human. That seems like a pretty cool character aspect.

Yea, give Optimus the "sounds like".

I would argue that one resurrection is better than 12. When you do it right the first time you don't have to repeat it. "Never to die again" is a plus.

If you count all of Jesus people, there are trillions since the beginning of humanity.

Usual M.O. "walk n talk"? Come on! Casting out demons, healing people, rising from the grave, ascending to heaven in a cloud, etc.

Success rate: see resurrection above.

Philosophy. Jesus isn't opposed to freedom so you'd have to give him that one too. Plus he saves people from judgment.

I think Jesus wins this one.

Anonymous said...

I'm ok with tasteless as long as it's funny. This wasn't funny or witty. Fail.

redhead said...

well, I saw the humor in it. probably comes from years of being told I'm going to burn in hell forever.

where's the sign up sheet for the Church of Optimus Prime?

Mavis said...

Not bad. I generally prefer this side-by-side, but comparing a religious figure to SF/F.


Eric M. Edwards said...

Hilarious of course.

Though personally, I've always thought Megatron was cooler than either. Giant arm mounted fusion cannon anyone? And he's the only one out the three that can turn into a gun.

Argument well settled.


Anonymous said...

Does it cross the line into offensiveness? Well ...

I always wonder if religious people ever consider the possibility that they constantly offend and annoy people who don't share their believe in God(s) with their public declarations and announcements.

And no, that one ain't too witty. A shame actually.

Anonymous said...

Jesus and Prime are both kinda meh.

The Dude said...

@machinery: I don't think anybody has blamed the jews for the resurrection.

It's more because of that whole nailing-the-guy-to-a-cross thing.

machinery said...

the dude, i should have said it differently.
12 ressurections, i assume 12 deaths for mankind.
that means 12 times a martyr and no jews are to blame, amazing.

The Dude said...

Well, to be fair, I have no idea which religion Megatron follows :)

Sounour said...

well ... could be funny if he/she had gotten the facts straight

like anonymous post number 5 said most facts are wrong

age: >ageOf(Universe)
character: Almighty, eternal
sounds like: ?
resurrections: 1 but may I say that OP's are more like reboots? My computer has like 1000 reboots?
associates: well, every christian alive or dead and an army of angels?
MO: well ... read it
success rate: all according to plan
Philosophy: yes, that's right... but it's BECAUSE he would like to see freedom for all and recognizes that there are certain ... limitations to that

BTW: Anybody notices how some people critizise christians for stating their believes publicly, but get really pissed if anybody disagrees with them while they are stating their own believes?

Mavis said...

Sounour, I like how you make fun of someone for not getting their "facts" straight, and then type out a bunch of conjecture.

I may agree with some of your points, but to state them as facts is a bit reckless (as history has shown over and over again).

Goofilin said...

Come on guys! This IS funny (for a 10 second time worth of reading).

And it is NOT tasteless.

Tasteless is people desiring people to go to hell for loving people. THAT is tasteless. Even if the mentioned hell is imaginary.


Patrick said...

When I posted this thing, I didn't think it would get much attention. Especially since I was more than a week behind the original posting.

Well, as popular as the Sanderson has been (and it's been linked all over the place), this Optimus Prime vs Jesus Christ post brought more people to the Hotlist in less than 24 hours than the Q&A did since Monday...

Anonymous said...

Completely disrespectful and ignorant. And no I'm not Christian, but a Muslim. We also believe in Jesus (although differently)

Anonymous said...

People need to grow thicker skins. I am offended by how offended some of you are getting. There are so many better 80's cartoon characters that could whoop Jesus's butt...how about Snarf from Thundercats? I would pay good money for that fight.

Matt said...

Not sure if you include me in that, but I'll repeat I wasn't really offended, just thought it was a bit tasteless. I also find many other types of jokes tasteless for varying reasons. Really, the only point of this joke seemed to be to rip on a certain religious figure, as it has no real humor merit besides that. Hence, I find it without taste. I don't need thicker skin as I'm not offended, but I am entitled to an opinion.

Anonymous said...

You know how those old Greek myths are so ridiculous & childish?

That's the way all religions are.

Anyone who believes them is mentally ill and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

...was the Thundercats line not evidence enough of my complete lack of really caring and was, more than anything, joking? I am offended.

...and yes, bored this evening. Clearly.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was really funny :)
I also find it hilarious that whenever someone takes a stab at a religious figure people have to "rise up" to defend it or their religion as a whole:)

Maciek said...

Optimus is just a machine ... Definitely I choose Jesus! :)

Sounour said...

yes. I'm stating it as facts ... simply because I believe them to be exactly that...
I don't say that everybody has to believe this, but I do and that's not gonna change.
And no, I'm not offended by this, that's free speech and ok, and I did not really try to make fun of whoever made this, but I can say that it would've been funnier if there had been some ... fun(?) in it. I can laugh at good jokes about JC. Something like this: http://ruthe.de/cartoons/strip_0342.jpg
But read it. It's the best facts about OP and the worst interpretation about JC.
And remember: OP is just a fiction, JC is not (again this is my opinion)

redhead said...

Patrick, isn't it funny how the posts we don't expect to get any attention get tons of hits and comments?

seems like my placeholder/steal an idea from another blogger posts get more attention than any of the actual reviews I post.

'tis funny.

Mavis said...

Sounour, did you not think perhaps the person writing the article had their own beliefs about Jesus? That maybe they truly believe that Jesus came into existence at His birth...thus making it "fact" that His age is not the age of the universe (or more probably...far, far older).

I have my beliefs, but the only thing I am SURE of, is that I know I am not right. Everyone else must live in a much simpler world walking around knowing they have it right.

The sheer arrogance of it, kinda makes me giddy all over.

Food for thought: Taking the assumption that God exists (along with heaven), and commands us to live a moral life to get into heaven. Who is the better person: a person who lives their life in a moral way to please their God and get into Heaven, or the person that does not believe in God, and lives a moral life anyway? (taking into account that their definition of moral is the same)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that's in very good taste, but then, many people's zeal for Jesus doesn't seem so far above some silly cartoon fandom to me. I mean, even many believers are by now content if they can keep any ground for an impersonal god in Youtube science/religion discussions.

Anonymous said...

Commenter said "Jesus isn't opposed to freedom"

But his followers and representatives are!

All organised religion (to a greater or lesser extent) compels the follower to spread the word. Many chose to interpret that as "convert those who have no religion to follow your religion"

I am entitled to choose not to follow organised religion A, nor B, nor C,
but that is not to be tolerated apparently.

See the pope and his recent comments on secular society.

To all the followers and 'organisers' who came here to take offence, perhaps you should look inwardly, and see if your rules and practices respect those humans who choose not to follow your way.

I believe in right and wrong, and living a good life. I choose to achieve this without following an organised religion.

ClintJCL said...

"if you count all of jesus's people, there are trillions".. hahaha.. a trillion people haven't been born on this planet yet. there are more people alive now than existed in all of human history up to the 1990s. what an idiot. most religious people love to claim fiction as fact.

Anonymous said...

Always funny to see how people get upset when comparing which fantasy character is the most awesome.

Anonymous said...

If you guys think that this is stupid or not funny or tasteless or offensive ... you ar yourself tasteless, not funny and stupid ... i dunno bout offensive but seriously why the hell to care whether it is or not?

Anonymous said...

it is neither tasteless nor offensive unless you are weak enough to allow such critical humour to affect your sensibility.

That said, who is anyone to discredit either direction of this.

The bible is a book (albeit, an old one, but a book none the less)

Transformers would have been only a book had the medium of television not existed, which enabled moving pictures with a soundtrack to create, convey and relate the story.

which has more merit than the other?

there are a myriad of mythological tales and stories from cultures and periods all over the world and time, which predate and share no proximity with the tales in the new testament, yet mirror them exactly.

if you think this is all only a few thousand years old, you are foolishly limiting the potential of your own understanding.

TRY removing the vale known as religious belief for a moment and considering all aspects of human culture, realise that no matter what religion you belong to, you are a part of a cult (no negative nor positive tone on that, look up the definition of cult) and see for a moment the truth of humanity - that we are all there is and ever will be and the constructs with which we explain our existence need to keep up with the spiritual (NO - spiritual does not ONLY mean understanding or acceptance of a god or gods) understanding of our species.

That is, thousand year old religous dogmas, which cause narrow minded segragation of the same species, blood shed over differing opinions, oppression of minorities, self interest in social undertakings and systematic hierarchical control (known as classification enslavement).
There is only one direction in this experience. Why hamper your only chance at spiritual progression by repressing yourself with predated ideologies?

Anonymous said...

i foud that comparison very...awesome...and true...if i had to choose between which religions to TRULY EXIST...i'd choose the Transformers (Optimus Prime) because...let's face it, GODS DO NOT EXIST !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love angels and Optimus

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty pathetic mashup to be honest.
Jesus wasn't 35 but rather 33.
He was brought back 1 time and the last time. Can't be killed anymore.
He's all powerful.
The Devil is his foot stool and one day will easily smite him. Optimus lost many battles with Megatron. Yet Jesus won all of his.
Pretty sure if both of these characters met, Optimus would be bowing before Christ.

Anonymous said...

Wow I remember there being a verse in the bible where Jesus literally smites the Antichrist with just his breath of his coming. Go and cope.