New Brandon Sanderson clips

Towers of Midnight Prologue read by Brandon Sanderson (Dragon*Con) from Unreal Classy on Vimeo.

Outta This World captured Brandon Sanderson reading the first few pages of “Distinctions,” the Towers of Midnight (Canada, USA, Europe) prologue, off his laptop during the TOM panel at Dragon*Con (2010). Thanks to Kristen Nedopak for the clip. If you wish to download the prologue, follow this link.

And here's an interview in which Sanderson discusses The Way of Kings (Canada, USA, Europe, AbeBooks). Thanks to the folks at via for the clip!

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Anonymous said...

Can you correct the link the video came from

Anonymous said...

He sounds like a small child explaining why he likes candy.

Nedopak said...

Here's the direct link:

Thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

BS is putting on some weight. Needs to get into the gym.