The Hotlist's Top 10 posts of the last year

Looking at the stats from the Hotlist sometimes leave me perplexed. Some posts I know will be extremely popular, while others rack up hits for apparently no reason whatsoever.

Case in point: The ten posts which generated the highest amount of traffic via outside links since May 2010.

Can you guess which post ended up in pole position!?! I sure couldn't. . . But for some reason, it is by far the most popular post of the last year.

Interesting to see a post from 2009 getting so many views. Some are the usual suspects, of course. Yet some I didn't expect to see making the short list.

Here's the Top 10:

Number 10
Number 9
Number 8
Number 7
Number 6
Number 5
Number 4
Number 3
Number 2
Number 1

I wonder which posts will make the Top 10 a year from now. . .

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