Ian Cameron Esslemont on collaboration

Ian Cameron Esslemont, Malazan co-creator and author of Stonewielder (Canada, USA, Europe) elaborates on collaborating with Steven Erikson on the Tor/Forge's Blog:

In many ways writing is actually a profoundly lonely and isolating undertaking. For me it was a privilege and a pleasure to have someone to share the material with. And I benefited enormously. I hope Steve did so, too. And I’m sure the product, the stories themselves, benefited as well. The give and take, the topping of ideas and undermining of each other’s characters’ goals, all added an extra layer of complexity and—dare I say realism—to so many threads. So many times one of us picked up what the other had added only to turn it completely inside out, or reverse it entirely, all to the surprise and enjoyment of both. I remember one particular immortal exchange between us (one that has yet to see print) wherein I explained that the paranoid Kellanved, then owner of a bar named Smiley’s, was spying and listening in on his employees by drilling holes in the floor of his office over the bar. Later, Steve had Dancer come upstairs, see Kellanved with his ear pressed to a hole and his bum in the air, and promptly kick him across the room. We threw that scene at each other across a table in Victoria, B.C.

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Mark said...

Pat, thanks for posting articles like this. I'm a Malazan fan (reading The Bonehunters right now), and as a writer I'm especially fascinated with the process other writers go through.

I haven't done much collaborative work, but Esslemont sure makes it sound fun!