Patrick Rothfuss chats with Peter Orullian

Peter Orullian, contender for the fantasy debut of the year with The Unremembered (Canada, USA, Europe), interviews Patrick Rothfuss, author of the bestselling The Wise Man's Fear (Canada, USA, Europe).


3 commentaires:

Babel said...

Wow, this man looks like a globetrotter from an ancient land and time.
Perhaps he is somewhere in his mind.
That mind we all have come to love in a very literary way ;-)

Matthew said...

What a lovely man. Have to say I think his views are spot on. Honest and frank.
Really enjoyed this. He's the sort of author that comes across as the sort of person you could go for a beer with. No arrogance or "I'm the best" Clearly a fantasy fan come author.

Mark said...

Thanks for posting this interview. I've heard of Rothfuss and others have recommended him, but he's still on my large pile of "to be read."

I liked his definitions of 'fiction' and 'faction.' And Orullian does a nice job of drawing out the keys to each of his questions. Interesting stuff.