Daniel Abraham on the graphic adaptation of George R. R. Martin's A GAME OF THRONES

MTV Geek has a new interview with Daniel Abraham. The SFF author talks about bringing the opening chapter of George R. R. Martin's signature series to comics. There is also a 5-page preview of the first issue.

Here's a teaser:

The novels are pretty dense in terms of defining the world of its characters, fictional histories, genealogies, etc. To what degree were you looking to bring some of that to the book?

To the degree that we could without bogging down the story. Prose novels are always going to be better at some things than a visual medium can be, and the depth of what George did in the book I hard to translate. It’s more important to me that the comic book have clarity than encyclopedic depth. But that said, there are also times when knowing that history is necessary for the story to have the impact that it does. Making sure it’s as simple as it can be, but not simpler is the tricky part.

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3 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

that weirwood face-tree looks way too cartoony - like some old imagining of an ent or a Disney take on it - that tree that talks in Pocohantis, they took it from there!

Ted Cross said...

I really like that cover, and I was excited to see this at first, but I have to say the artwork falls far short of what I expect for this series. The art in the Dunk and Egg graphic novels was far better. George writes in a gritty manner and I need the art to reflect that. This means no ice wights looking like over-the-top manga crap.

Roland said...

I hated the artwork, won't be reading this.
Too cartooney, too manga influenced. This sort of story needs a grittier, more realistic style of art.