Hitler digs ASOIAF!!!

He's not quite pleased with Ned's fate in the HBO Game of Thrones Series.

And he's not too thrilled by the scene in which Ser Patrek of King's Mountain meets his own end. :P

4 commentaires:

Roland said...

Haha, that second video about Dance with Dragons was hilarious!
I love all these Hitler videos. That scene really lends itself well to parody!

Anonymous said...

Hehe. The DwD one was quite funny. Especially that last line. :)


Anonymous said...

Meh, these are old. I like the version where he fumes about Terrell Owens. These come from a very good movie though. Y'all should watch it. It's called Downfall, staring Bruno Ganz. He is amazing as Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Hitler always had great taste in art.