Flashback: Mystar vs ASOIAF

I was discussing the HBO series Game of Thrones with someone earlier tonight, and we reminisced about Mystar (Terry Goodkind's friend) lying about the TV deal falling through a few years back. Given the HBO series' great success and the Emmy nominations compared to Legend of the Seeker ending up being a travesty and being taken off the air, we shared a few laughs!

Found the original thread on sffworld.com. Here are a few nuggets of entertainment for you to enjoy:

Actually, I was talking to a friend at TOR today, the TV/mini-series deal for ASOIAF fell through. HBO decided not to take it and the production company was said to have discontinued with the option In other words, they backed out. I was truly looking forward to seeing how this would be adapted to cinema.

It is a pretty reliable source, but like any only time will tell

Hopefully someone else will be able to pick it up...


The problem is the breath and scope of the story line. Condensing that down into a project for the TV is not an easy task. That and the fact that there really is no demonstrable reason to the story line that woudl appeal to the masses... No hero figure..who doesn't get killed, to many random killings for no more than someone was in someones elses way...things like that. HBO kicked it out, but that doesn't mean another could take it and make it work...


No malace at all.

I was polite and quite frank.

While I understand it GRRM's GF may offer her opinion, we also have to understand her possable reluctance(sp) to let out the fact that it did in fact get dropped....and perhaps having dinner with several agents in New York and jabbering about projects and books my information could also be rhumor heard and passed along.


So what?

I was simply stating what I was privy to. I also said I hoped it would be picked up....if in fact that was the case.

There is no need to insult or attack me for simply discusing my thoughts. We can be civilized and polite, or at least I can...


I was however in Vegas a few weeks ago at the convention, while bidding, discussion and other news was being bantied about, So I would guess my information is just as creditable, as I was specificly asking HBO, agents and the money reps...


But thepoint is, I don't have to offer any proof... the proof will be know when it never happens.


Or this on Westeros:

BUT ABC/Disney would not be denied. "We know a block buster when we see it"... This also is fleshed out in the aspect that even BEFORE any hype, trailers or much of anything, this series has been picked up in over 98% of the markets...again a record breaker, and stunning ABC/Disney.

All because this is a story about Hero's...TRUE heros!. Heroic people acting in a manor that underscores the true Nobility that is mankind. It proves what Goodkind has been telling us for over 15 years now... People want heros... TRUE Heros. This is the same thing Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert Ned Nallie, ABC and Disney all agree on... This is why you see something like George R R Martin's A song of Ice and Fire always failing by comparison, why it is still sitting on the shelf, why the screen play has had to have been rewritten several times already, and it is still sitting there... It has no true hero's and no honor for life... People want to feel good about their heros, they want Heros, they can believe in!!!

Sweet memories. . .

Ah, Mystar. . . Gotta love the guy! I mean, who wouldn't want the Mystar action figure!?!

The guy made me the original Lemming of Discord, after all. . . :P

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The Wolf Maid said...

Oh, I remember this one. I also remember he later said something about the reason ASoIaF getting 'picked up' was because of SoT's 'success'.

Morrigan said...

Hahaha, thanks for bringing back those great memories. What a tool.

Andystoteles said...

If you run this through google translate a few times between english - swedish and vice versa, the spelling actually gets better. ;)

Megazver said...

Ha ha, that's so petty, Pat! I love it.

Isis said...

What goes around comes around, right?


But then why misspell something once when you can do it over and over?

Michael said...

You're pure class.

Grack21 said...

His contact at TOR? What does TOR have to to with anything GoT related anyway?

This guy should do stand up!