Terry Goodkind on THE OMEN MACHINE

Terry Goodkind wrote a piece on his upcoming SoT novel, The Omen Machine (Canada, USA, Europe), on the Macmillan website. Here's an extract:

The Sword of Truth series was a story in and of itself. It spanned a dozen books. That story, that conflict, ended. But that does not mean that the lives of the characters ended. When you graduated High School that was certainly the climax of a chapter in your life, but that was not the end of your story. Great things lay ahead and you went on to live those trials, challenges, and triumphs. It’s the same with Richard and Kahlan and all the rest of my characters. Their story goes on. There are people in their world who would very much like to destroy them, or worse. Evil will always exist, as will the struggle to overcome it.

The last thing I would ever do to readers would be to leave them out of experiencing that story. I want them to be there with their friends, traveling the road with them, facing the challenges and the terrors, fighting the fights, sharing their tears, cheering their victories

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Why do I get the distinct impression that this article was aimed at an adolescent public, one that is probably too young and/or too naïve to realize that Goodkind is returning to fantasy (sorry, the man writes about the triumph of the human spirit) where he can milk his popularity for all it's worth after a failed stint as a maintream author???

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Alex said...

If he gave such a shit about not leaving his readers out of the story, he would have written another Richard and Kahlan book instead of Law of Nines. He's like the Metallica of Fantasy -- his first two books were pretty good, then everything went to shit from there, put him in panic mode, and now he's just trying to milk the cow.

What a tool.

Anonymous said...

i liked the sword of truth, even with Ayn Rand preaching at every chanve but i found his last book hilarious, especially because he pitched it has "mainstream" and "separate from SOT" instead of what it was which is both fantasy/urban fantasy and Wizards first rule rewritten word for word charachter for character, in our world with people from that world. yes very mainstream TG so i prob will not be buying this. didnt expect to be buying WFR twice so this looks doubtfull

machinery said...

oh please, this comes from a wot fan ...
come on, wot was milked way out of proportions, and if it weren't for the actual talent of g.r.r.martin (which is far superior to robert jordan or terry goodkind) i would say the exact same thing on asoiaf.

ito said...

He wrote "mainstream"? Who cares?

Kirshy said...

The first 5 or 6 books in his SOT series were pretty good. But the further I got into them the more I started to get annoyed. The man repeats himself so much and preaches like it's going out of style. Where is his editor? His twelve book series could have been condensed into 8. Bleh! No thanks TG, I think I'll pass.

lokistavia said...

WoT has an evolving plot. SoT is simply the same book rewritten again and again. It is the difference between a fantasy novel and a glorified romance novel.

It is the difference between the living and the dead.

I only read fiction books with swear words. Standard rule if you are looking to avoid Adult YA.