Patrick Rothfuss interviews Jim Butcher

From Suvudu:

Patrick Rothfuss interviews fellow #1 New York Times bestselling author Jim Butcher!

Patrick Rothfuss Interviews Jim Butcher from Suvudu on Vimeo.

4 commentaires:

Dolly said...

Fabulous interview :-) And Jim's new hair-style looks good!

fardoche said...

Sorry, but Butcher looks very drunk. Or very shy and medicated. Your pick.

Silverfang said...

This was a pretty good interview, especially from the standpoint of two of my favorites in the new fantasy genre.

There's a good dialogue between them, and they clearly love the subject matter.

Keep up the superior work, guys.


Heath said...

This is a very interesting interview... both authors are obviously fans of each others work. I don't recall ever seeing another Jim Butcher interview online, so it's cool to see Rothfuss talk to him and pick his brain about Harry Dresden and his system of magic.

BTW, don't know where the comment about Jim Butcher being impaired came from. He very clearly isn't. Hopefully nobody passes on watching this because of that.