Cover art for C. S. Friedman's forthcoming DREAMWALKER

Here's the cover art for C. S. Friedman's upcoming novel, Dreamwalker, which is scheduled for release in February 2014. And a little bird told me that it's supposed to be one of the author's strongest books to date. . . =) For more info about this title: Canada, USA.

Here's the blurb (not final):

Jessica Drake is a somewhat normal 16 year old girl, although she has really strange dreams sometimes. when a paternity test unexpectedly casts doubt upon her parentage, strange facts begin to surface, and even stranger people start taking an interest her. One night her house is burned down in an obvious attempt to kill her, and her younger brother is kidnapped. Searching for him will require leaving this world altogether, and confronting the source of some of earth's darkest well as the terrifying truth of her own heritage.

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