More inexpensive ebook goodies!

All five volumes of Paul Kearney's The Monarchies of God are available at discounted prices that range from 3.79$ to 3.99$. Though it might be good if you want to sample the first volume, it is actually cheaper to go for the two omnibus editions if you want to purchase the entire series.

- Hawkwood's Voyage
- The Heretic Kings
- The Iron Wars
- The Second Empire
- Ships from the West

Here's the blurb from the first volume:


Even as cities and cathedrals are tumbling, their defenders crucified by the invading Merduks, the Faithful war among themselves, purging heretics and magical folk and adding to the flames. For Richard Hawkwood and his crew, a desperate venture to carry refugees to the uncharted land across the Great Western Ocean offers the only chance of escape from the Inceptines' pyres. The King's cousin, Lord Murad, has an ancient log book telling of a free, unspoiled land...

2 commentaires:

CJohnson said...

Really awesome series. Getting so frustrated waiting for a resolution to the Sea Beggers series though, what a mess with the publishers. Kearney really is a great author!

Steve MC said...

Such a great series.