Calling on all Malazan and Wild Cards fans!

I've been approached by the cool folks at Dabel Brothers Publishing ( to help them get the fans involved in two projects they have on the way. As you know, they are the ones that will bring you The Malazan Book of the Fallen and the Wild Cards graphic adaptations. Above you can see a sketch of Whiskeyjack, one of the heroes from Steven Erikson's opus, as well as one of Croyd, a Wild Cards character.

They would like to know what sort of promotional material you guys would be interested in. They have been thinking about officially licensed prints of characters or scenes, shirts, or similar products. But they would like to know what the people who'll be purchasing the graphic adaptations would like to get their hands on.

That's where you guys come in!:-) Feel free to let everyone know what would scratch your itch. The Dabel Brothers are looking for ideas, so feel free to go all out!;-)

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Benny Day said...

Wouldn't mind a poster of Moon's Spawn with the Great Raven's circling... Rake just standing there. Cold Steel.

Anything with Karsa Orlong would also be much appreciated. Maybe a pic of him with the bloody trail he leaves at the end of House of Chains? Stalking through the darkness. And his grin... sorry "show of teeth".

This question is probably way too broad to get anything like consensus but I guess that isn't the point.

Anonymous said...

T-shirts with the Bridgeburner logo on it, or other logos - stuff representing gods and ascendants, maybe. Posters of characters and scenes, like the death of Coltaine.

Anonymous said...

What he said.

paran said...

Rake Vs Demon Lord
Tattersail, A'Kronys, Hairlock, Tayschrenn, Belurdan, Nightchill Vs Rake on Moon's Spawn
Quick and Kal staring down Sorry
Karsa Vs The Deragoth... maybe him on Havoc with their 2 heads trailing and that massive sword on his back!
Icarium and Mappo just chillin
Iskaral Pust and donkey
Tavore standing over a dead Felisin
Korlat standing under Moon's Spawn, crying
Ganoes, Quick and Kilava facing Pannion
Gruntle on his tower of blood
Brood going nuts with Burn's hammer at Kruppe

Unknown said...

Quick Ben bluffing a fleet of Tiste Edur, with Bottle hiding and helping.

The Chain of Dogs.

Kilmandaros killing Scabandari Bloodeye.

Trull vs Icarium.

And what Kesera said.

Unknown said...

Some big prints would be very nice, and a sure buy for me, specially if they were just pencil drawings, not coloured ;)

Most, if not all scenes mentioned above would be great ^^

Brukhalian's demise is something I'd like to see
Gruntle with his banner
Coltaine on the cross

Stuff like that :).

Anonymous said...

I'd most likely buy something classy and simple. I like the idea of a shirt, hat, etc. with the Bridgeburners logo. Maybe a mouse pad with maps of the world. Prints would be neat of locations and events that convey the scope and breadth of the geography, cities and battles.

Anonymous said...

I want a t-shirt with Anomander Rake holding the sword with Moon's Spawn in the background, in the style of the Magic the Gathering artwork. NOW!

Or a poster of above would be nice too.

Unknown said...

An open forum has got to be the worst way to gather marketing ideas.

Anonymous said...

Id buy prints of something like moonspawn, the pheonix inn crew or just landscape. But who knows, if it looked good id buy say a battle scene or something like that too.

Mouse mats are a good idea!

I think merch with the Bridgeburner logo or Ascendant sigils would sell pretty well, maybe the chain of dogs sigil as well.

What about a full Deck of Dragons, so we can all pretend to read the future! :D

Napoleon said...
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Napoleon said...

Wow I really don't like that sketch of Whiskeyjack. I think it's the outfit they have him in.

But anyway I'll second a t-shirt with the Bridgeburners insignia on it, and definitely a poster showing Karsa wreaking havoc with his sword. Kesera has some really good suggestions as well.

Unknown said...

From that other place, since I read both, I figured I would post this here too.

QB Rising above the malaz fleet channeling a huge elder sorcery rivaling the sorcery of hundreds of edur warlocks...

Perhaps the dappled one staring down from the top of his catacomb-tenement at the approaching malaz soldiers?

Ruin staring out over the battleground, on top of a heap of K'chain corpses while Scandabari lunges for his back with his sorcery-invested dagger?

If you are just looking for characters, here are some suggestions:

Trull + Onrack standing in a 'ready' position at a cave enterance.

Karsa riding his demon-horse trailing two rotting dog-heads.

Again, Rake looking rediculously badass, perhaps hovering over the glowing skyline of Daru.

Hell, I would purchase a mimic of the 'dogs playing poker' only change the cards to the 'deck' and turn the dogs into either A) hounds of shadow, or B) Bridgeburner characters.

Anonymous said...

I'd like a poster-sized Malazan world map, and a complete Deck of Dragons (with both new Houses).

Anonymous said...

I would definitely love to have a T-shirt with words of wisdom from Karsa :D
also with pictures of all our beloved bridgeburners would be awesome :)
i also would like to have one of rake, brood and Driss together :D

Anonymous said...

Now some Wild Cards ideas...

How about a wild cards deck, all aces and jokers, with pictures of various aces and jokers spanning the whole series (like on the covers of the ibooks reprints).

Signed artwork is always good, especially if it is signed by the author that created the character as well as the artist.

Maybe some action figures of the more popular characters.

Maybe a t-shirt with something like Remember Wild Card Day, or Jetboy's last words or Joker's rights or something.

Anonymous said...

I definitely want my own Deck of Dragons.
I don't think I'd wear clothing, but mousepads and coffee mugs are always cool for home or office. A little metal figurine of Anomander Rake wielding Dragnipur would definitely be on my shopping list. Metal keychain emblem of Bridgeburners sounds good too.

Daniel Abraham said...

Actually, the Wild Cards character is Croyd Crenson. I think "Master" is the kind of sketch. :)

Anonymous said...

Also, what's the point in having a drawing of Croyd? His appearance changes every couple months. You can just draw a couple random guys and label it Croyd Crenson unless you do some of his more memorable joker bodies.

ZanzibarNation said...

Hmm, most stuff has been covered...

A Bridgeburners/Bonehunters logo or something on a t-shirt would be seriously cool.

As for scenes, something from Memories of Ice, like Anaster and the Children of the Dead Seed/Kell Hunters... or Coltaine's Chain of Dogs. Badass pictures of elder gods like Mael or K'rul might also be pretty cool too.

Anonymous said...

i love that the dabal brothers have gone and done all the comic book adaptations.. and i hope they keep it up..
however.. i hate the art... i always feel like i've been sucked into some 90's Kewl rob liefeld book when i pick up one of thier mags.. maybe they should try and recruit some bigger, more serious art talant to tackle some of the darker, more adult material i.e. malazan.. i think the aforementioned kewl look will work well for the wild card series (an undoubtedly comic book inspired work), but i'd love to see someone like David Mack dive into some of the darker stuff.
on that note.. i don't know how much contact you have with those guys.. but i was at a Stephen R. Donaldson book signing last month up in Denver..and i asked him if he was open the the idea of a Covenant comic adaptation.. after he explained to me that he felt like he was the care taker of the covenant trust he said the idea sounded interesting.. so maybe someone from the Dabal bro's camp could contact someone from the Donaldson camp and make some magic happen.

Anonymous said...

A Deck of Dragons would be great.

Anonymous said...

I have to have a Deck Of Dragons!
The bridgeburners and bonehunter sigils on T-shirts or posters
Moon's Spawn hovering over Black Coral, bleeding darkness
The Fall of the crippled god or the 12 fallen suns in book 6
Karsa on Havoc trailing 2 Deragoth heads
Flying Fortreses in Imperial Warren
The whirlwind spear
The city of Blue fire
The meckros city
The jaghut towers

Anonymous said...

Deck of Dragon's most definately, in fact I was searching the internet to see if one had already been made to purchase it. So i'm goin to guess one has not been made quite yet.

Also some T-shirt scenes a lot of people picked a lot of cool pictures. I wouldn't mind seeing Quick unleashing his multitude of warrens, or Hood meeting one of the few people he meets personally.

Something I haven't gotten out of my head is when that Mortal Sword died and hood showed up personally to collect his soul.

A good one would be the bridgeburners all standing out in Raraku desert when they had finally caught up to the mad wizard with their guide Kalam. Think it would be kick ass, it'd have Quick, Kalam, Whiskey, Fiddler and the smelly Hedge. xD