NFL Showdown: GRRM vs Pat (Week 12)

Dallas Cowboys 34
New York Jets 3

Minnesota Vikings 41
New York Giants 17

Well, the 'Boys are now 10-1 and the G-Men fell to 7-4. With two wins against the Giants and one win against the Jets this season, if that doesn't earn me a gruesome death if I win this wager, nothing will!:-)

But since the Cowboys have a history of screwing up late in the season, victory is not assured just yet. . .

3 commentaires:

Booknutt said...

Bummer! But I'll wait, especially if it means that it's the book that Rothfuss wants out there.

Leslie Fox said...

Looks like the Cowboys are really running away with it. The only team that might stand in their way would be the Packers. I'm going to thank the NFL network in advance for allowing me to read about the game.

Larry Nolen said...

*suspects with all these posts that Pat's character will be sporting a ponytail/beard combo when he's killed by a Namble-like creature* ;)