I'll be damned. . .

Here's the synopsis for Paul Kearney's (www.paulkearneyonline.com) forthcoming The Ten Thousand:

The world of Kuf, an ancient Assurian Empire, dominant, prestigious and thought to be invincible, is about to be shaken to its very foundations. An exile from the empire, the Great King’s brother, hires a force of ten thousand elite mercenaries of a legendary race known as the Macht to take the throne by force. But when their employer is killed, the Ten Thousand find themselves abandoned. This is the story of their fight for freedom, and marks the start of a brand new series by one of the finest writers of fantasy around.

Mark Newton, one of the editors at Solaris Books (www.solarisbooks.com), emailed me about this yesterday. He knew I was a fan of Kearney, and thought I'd be interested in learning more about what Paul was working on.

Now, I've mentioned elsewhere how running this blog engendered quite a few "fuck me" moments since its creation. Newton's email was the latest of those. It turns out that he learned about Kearney's misfortune with Bantam Press and Bantam Dell from my "This really sucks" blog post from last May. A fan of the author, Newton contacted him and voilà! Paul Kearney signed with Solaris Books.

As a matter of course, I'm aware that my reviews, interviews, giveaways, etc, have had a positive influence on many writers' careers, and I'm delighted about that. I really am. And all I ask in return is a drink or two. Well Paul, if you're reading this, given the fact that you already owed by at least a drink, I figure that you now owe me a few. A pitcher, even, if I may be so bold!;-) Seriously, I'm really happy that my little rant about the unfairness of it all helped you find a new publishing home.

Hmmm, it occurs to me that I should stop dealing in booze from now on. . . At least with GRRM I had the presence of mind to ask to be murdered in the A Dance with Dragons. Maybe I should try to get myself killed in as many SFF novels as I possibly can. Think my mom would be proud of that!?!

Okay, so Kearney's misfortune really sucked. But to all you SFF editors out there, you want to know what really, really sucks!?! Well, the fact that I have yet to find a publisher myself! My agent Matt Bialer has two of my manuscripts, so someone step up to the plate and offer us a book deal, damn it!:p

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Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,
I am a representative of the traditional publishing house, Publish America. We would like to give The Eye of the Serpent the chance it deserves! Please return our signed contract along with your bank account information, DNA sample, and a list of everyone you've ever met.
Congratulations on becoming a published author!

Not MyStar

Ran said...

I kind of wish I hadn't read Xenophon's Anabasis so recently, since it's obviously the primary source for this and I suspect I'd be rather distracted by that fact.

David Forbes said...

I warned you, Patrick, the world of publishing can be incredibly cruel, not to mention slooowwwwwww.....

Good luck with the manuscripts. It may take some time (and I know how aggravating that is), but I'm sure you books will find homes.

Mike said...

What happened to Kearney book deal? I'm a fan, and I was wondering if we'll see a conclusion to the Sea Beggars?

Adam Whitehead said...

The rights to The Sea-Beggars are held by Bantam in the UK and apparently Solaris have been unable to pick up the rights to them. So the series will remain in stasis (although PK had nearly finished Book 3, IIRC) until that is resolved.

This may just be a problem in the UK though. I'd heard that a German publisher is interested in putting all four books out over the next few years.