Jack Whyte and Guy Gavriel Kay in Montreal!

If you're living on the East Coast and fancy taking a ride up to Montreal, Jack Whyte and Guy Gavriel Kay will be attending the Books and Breakfast 2007 event later this month. This event is put together by the Paragraphe Bookshop. The price is 27$ plus taxes, and it begins at 10:00am. Please note that only copies purchased at the Paragraphe Bookshop or on the premise will be signed by the authors.

Jack Whyte will be there on November 18th, while Guy Gavriel Kay will appear on November 25th. For more details, please call (514)845-5811.

Sadly, I won't be able to make it due to the fact that I work on Sundays. . .:-( Yeah, that sucks!

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