Publishers Weekly's Best books of the year

Again, better late than never! Here's the link to the full article.

The picks:

Inferno Edited by Ellen Datlow (Tor)
Acacia by David Anthony Durham (Doubleday)
Ilario: The Lion's Eye by Mary Gentle (Eos)
In War Times by Kathleen Ann Goonan (Tor)
Bright of the Sky: Book One of Entire and the Rose by Kay Kenyon (Pyr)
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (DAW)
The Winds of Marble Arch by Connie Willis (Subterranean)
Lists like these always remind me of how many titles I managed to miss during the year!

4 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

The Name of the Wind is definitely going on my list of "wanted" books.

I own "The Terror", but put it down about 100 pages in because I could not give it my undivided attention.

Love the Blog!

Anonymous said...

Acacia and Bright of the Sky will go on my "consider reading" list - thanks!

Anonymous said...

Um, I really liked Name of the Wind way better than GRRM (sorry!) and think Patrick Rothfuss is going to be one of the great writers of the future.

Okay, will give Acacia one more shot before totally giving up.

SQT said...

Oh, I see I need to add a couple to my "to read" list.

I'm happy to see "Name of the Wind" and "Acacia" were recognized.