NFL Showdown: GRRM vs Pat (Week 9)

Well, after the ass-kicking Dallas just gave the Eagles, the Cowboys are now 7-1.

With this being the New York Giants' bye week, that means that next Sunday's game between the two teams is crucial. At 6-2, the hated Giants can join the Cowboys as the top teams in the NFC East. But if Dallas wins, then things will start to look good for my winning this friendly wager!;-)

George, you better start thinking about ways of killing me. . .:p

2 commentaires:

einroy said...

I look forward to your alter ego's death most horrific.

Patrick said...

I'm hoping that the Cowboys will wipe their butts with the Giants next week. Anything that will anger GRRM will likely get me a more spectacular death (should I win this bet, of course!).